Meet the band

Kendra Glenn, Vocals


Kendra Glenn is a  powerhouse soul singer, with a rich melodic tone that will leave you spellbound. Kendra has been in the Minneapolis music scene for about 17years. 

She has been a studio session vocalist for Andy Kotz Productions, opened for various national acts such as Dazz Band, Rolls Royce, and Cameo, and provided background vocals to blues guitarist/singer Scott Holt, former guitarist to Buddy Guy and former Prince protégé SueAnn Carwell. She also had the pleasure to work with Mr. Andre Fischer, former drummer/ producer and vocal arranger of Rufus and Chaka Khan. Definitely a “Diva” in her own right!

Dan Moffatt, keyboards & Vocals


Keyboardist Dan Moffatt has performed, produced and/or recorded with members of Tower of Power, Dave Weckl, Avishai Cohen, Jimmy Earl, Bernie Dresel and the Hornheads, to name a few. 

A graduate of the famed Berklee School of Music in Boston, Dan is a skilled singer/songwriter/arranger, an accomplished applications programmer,   and a connoisseur of single malt scotches.

Jeff Perry, Guitar & Vocals



Guitarist Jeff Perry’s musical travels have found him playing at top jazz clubs, gospel churches, concert halls, music festivals, for the likes of U.S. Senators, Fortune 500 CEOs, and Chicago mayors. He has also played at homeless shelters, prisons, and on the street in front of Wrigley Field.

Jeff is a Berklee graduate, and has played with a number of prominent groups in the Midwest, including the Kendra Glenn Band, the  Gatsby Gang, Kashimana Ahua,  J Most and the Gould Band, and his own duo, trio and quartet. He held the release party for his CD The incredible Looseness of Strings at the Dakota jazz club in Minneapolis.

Palani "P2" Pozzani, Drums & vocals


Palani Pozzani grew up in Kobe, Japan studying classical piano as a youngster, then picking up the drums in 6th grade because he wanted to "rock out". Since arriving in the Twin Cities in the mid-80's, Palani has had the pleasure of performing with bands like The Crowns Blues Band, Milton's Playhouse, Blue Matter, Shane's Gang, ZenSome, and in musical theater productions like 10 Years Later, Vixens: The Sexy Bad Girl Revue, and Schoolhouse Rock Live.


Gary "Chili Dog" Miller, bass & vocals


Bassist, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, trained classical musician, raconteur and bon-vivant, Gary Miller is a longtime veteran of the Twin Cities music scene. 

He's performed with a number of prominent local bands, including Prophets of Soul, LuckyTown, ZenSome, Medtallica, Mystic Funk, and with members of Sounds of Blackness. He also contributed several songs to the Motown release, "Mazarati 2".